September 24, 2023

Grub Steak (Park City, UT)

Auston and I visited Grub Steak in Park City during our anniversary trip mainly for the fact that Auston LOVES steak. We have heard that Grub Steak is one of the best steak restaurants in Utah so we had to check it out. It was definitely pricey at $65 for the bone in Ribeye and around $40 for my prime rib but I would say the food is worth it for the price. I am not a big steak or meat eater in general but I will say I was pleasantly surprised. The prime rib wasn’t chewy, had great flavor and I pretty much ate the whole thing, which if you know me is a big deal when it comes to meat. Auston of course thought the ribeye was amazing and the mashed potatoes and fries were also delicious!

With the meal you get to choose one side, a soup or salad and it comes with bread in the beginning. Grub Steak also has a stage where bands play most nights, so it’s always a nice relaxing atmosphere. The service and staff were all amazing and very knowledgable. I have a feeling we will be back any time we stop in Park City since Auston can never pass up a good steak!

2093 Sidewinder Dr, Park City, UT 84060
Open every day 5PM-9PM

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